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Alaska Tracy shows individuals and companies how to effectively Communicate, Connect, and Engage to grow a Social Media Community. This Community will bring referrals that will increase your revenue and opportunities that will change your life!
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My dogs Eddie and Zena

Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I am very excited to share my passion with you!

A little story to explain who I am, and what I am all about…

Most of my life I have thought that my career dictates who I am. Because of that, I pursued business ownership, sales and marketing positions, business development positions, and a real estate career. I always felt that MORE was the answer. I would achieve a goal, such as ‘top producer,’ and I would earn a nice income, all the while telling myself “You can do MORE, you can be better!” In reality, I was telling myself “You are not enough.”

I have always felt a calling to help entrepreneurs, to assist them in turning their desires into reality. I have come to realize that through each career path I have followed. I have learned to use the very tools that I rely on today – the tools that I get to share with others. I feel blessed for every opportunity I’ve been presented, and for ALL the teachers I’ve encountered along the way.

I have learned that while sitting still and listening to the voices of your heart, you can achieve a life that is truly beyond your wildest dreams. Although listening is still a hard thing for me to do, the day came when the voice was loud and shouted “TAKE THE LEAP OF FAITH!” As soon as I started taking actions that aligned with the voices in my heart, I felt a sense of freedom unlike I had ever known! Alaska Tracy was created January 2012 with a vision to help entrepreneurs, corporations and organizations Connect, Communicate, and Engage; creating strategic marketing plans using Social Media Platforms.

Within the first year of being in business, Alaska Tracy was asked to speak at the annual convention for the Alaska Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Inc.,  as well as the annual convention of Alaska Broadcasters. Since that time Alaska Tracy has been asked to speak at dozens of workshops, organizations and events. Alaska Tracy has had the opportunity to teach classes at a variety of places including the Anchorage Small Business Development Center. With over 20,000 connections from various social media platforms, Alaska Tracy was asked to be Alaska’s Verizon Ambassador (#VZWBuzz), creating opportunities to work with people from across the globe.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Bobby, and our dogs Eddie and Zena. They help me to not take myself so seriously.  I love the tranquility our home provides.


Alaska Tracy’s ‘tool kit’ of simple techniques includes ways to grow your business while having fun and staying motivated.
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When we have a path laid out to help guide us along . . . life is filled with JOY! Let Alaska Tracy help you on your PATH to excellence and opportunity!
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