What feelings do you have when walking through your front door?

My perception growing up was to always look good on the outside-regardless of what is happening on the inside.

Like I said, this is only my perception.  Sometimes I feel my perception was not always the truth.   However….it is my feelings and I have learned to honor them and not always believe them.
As the years continue to pass, I realize more and more it is what is behind the door that really matters.  Many times I get angry at my husband as I feel we have too much clutter.  He always tells me ‘if this is our biggest problem, we are blessed.’  That is the truth!
So…I am going to describe what lies behind our Red door today.  Funny, even as I type I am wanting to describe the outside….
Through our red door…you enter into a home that has been remodeled.  It is an 80s Alaska Split level.  That means the upstairs pretty much mirrors the downstairs.  2 bedrooms up and 2 down.  Tiny little entry way looking up and down stairs.
Three years ago, we knocked down walls and created an open living space upstairs.  From the entryway you can see the living, dining and kitchen areas offering a welcoming space.  Tile and hard wood go up the both stairs. Mismatched oak hardwood floors and warm yellow lighting on wrought iron is in these areas.  A tiled gas fireplace is in the living space and warms the whole upstairs. Silver sage paint with thick white trim is the theme. The upstairs bath is painted a Sea foam blue with white.  The master looks out catching a glimpse of the mountains.  Downstairs a warm shaggy carpet in an earthy tone about 3 shades lighter than this font is over the entire area. That is the ‘look’ of the home.
It really doesn’t matter how it looks as to how it feels.  It feels warm and peaceful.  I know this because I feel it when walking thru the door….and others have told me when they have walked thru our door.  When I come home from a trip, a long day at work, or anywhere I feel a calmness upon entering.
We have created a space filled with love, laughter, contant singing and dancing.  We do not raise our voices or have knock down drag out arguments.  There is an occasional swear word that comes out, however mostly we do not speak that way.  We invite others in to our home often that may be in a tough patch of their lives.  Many time staying with us until they are back on their feet. Though we have never discussed this, my hope is to inspire them, fill them with peace, love and a full belly.  Give them hope!
I sell real estate and see many homes.  Some our empty, some still have people living in them.  Many times there is an odd feeling in the home.  It always amazes me. It is as if the home has a ‘soul.’  I believe buyers sense the feelings as well.  I believe homes that were or are filled with love and peace sell faster.  The energy with inthe walls is amazing!
Are you happy with your home’s ‘soul?’  If not, what can you do to create a positive loving environment?