Guided Vision Mapping Retreat

Everyone dreams, but not everyone makes those dreams their reality.

Did you know that almost everyone dreams? How about you? Do you have spectacular ideas about how your business will succeed? Are you waiting for that to happen, or do you think taking active steps to bring your dreams into reality would be better? Alaska Tracy has been there, and worked out methods to help others dream even bigger. And succeed. Her key tool is Vision Mapping.

The New, Unique Way Of Vision Mapping You Haven’t Experienced Before

This year, Alaska Tracy will be hosting the Guided Vision Mapping Retreat. Located in remote Seldovia, Alaska, one of Alaska’s most beautifully majestic seaside towns. Your Guided Vision Mapping Retreat serves as a city escape and soul-searching experience, all in one place. If you’ve been looking to explore your dreams and desires and make them a reality, this is the year to finally take the required action steps to reach them.


Exclusive Women-Only Group Retreat to Maximize Your Vision Mapping Results

In order to make this retreat effective, productive, and personal, it is limited to 15 women. This exclusive workshop experience is perfectly catered toward those who are looking to take their ideas, visions, and goals and make them a reality. We will go deep into writing, meditating, and even more writing. Discover your mantra, hidden goals, and effective action steps. Your work will help free you from what has been holding you back from living
your best life. Get ready to stare your fears and doubts in the face.

The Powerful Vision for Your Life Isn’t Just Going to Form By Itself

Alaska Tracy’s primary purpose is to serve others, and she chooses to do so through Vision Mapping. Through this key method, Alaska Tracy can help you bring your wildest dreams to life… finally! Tracy’s career is structured solely around guiding people, businesses, and organizations to achieve greatness.

Many people wonder what the heck a Vision Mapping even is, which is why Alaska Tracy is here to help. This isn’t a glorified scrapbooking class — there are no scissors or glue sticks involved. The process is done by writing goals, action, and implementation steps that are necessary to actually reach the desired outcome. Tracy strives to facilitate the connection between one’s heart and mind.

Tracy will supply drawing utensils needed to bring your Vision Mapping to life. If you have your own markers, crayons, and/or pencils that you like to create with, bring them with you!

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What to Bring:

  • Sleeping bag and blanket.
  • Large garbage bag to keep things dry in case of rain.
  • Your Personal Vision Mapping Journal will be provided by Alaska Tracy.
  • Any extra goodies or special foods if you have allergies. (Meals, snacks, coffee and tea provided.)
  • Casual, comfy clothing suitable for spending time workshopping in cabins and tents. Layers are best to stay warm and toasty.
    You are required to carry everything you bring to and from the remote location. Remember that when packing. Less is best.

Tentative Schedule (weather could fluctuate itinerary):

Friday, June 8

Saturday, June 9

  • Meditation with Intention
  • Breakfast
  • Vision Mapping Creation
  • Lunch
  • Kayak
  • Dinner
  • Vision Mapping Creation

Sunday, June 10

  • Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Vision Mapping Creation
  • Lunch
  • Wrap up
  • Mako’s Transportation back to Homer

“Alaska Tracy helped me to pull years of wishes and dreams into actual, actionable goals! With her counsel I was able to build a plan to write a novel, grow my income, get healthier and become more organized. In only a few short months the first draft of my book is complete and I am making significant progress on my other goals as well. It is amazing to see my visions finally coming true!”

– Denise Gerlach

“There is not enough that I can say about Tracy and the dedication she puts in with helping her clients. I hired Tracy last year to help myself and my business partner get to a place of clarity in our vision for our business. I had no idea how to do a vision mapping and only knew of the pictures on a cork board style but had never done one. THAT is what I thought we would be doing but THAT is NOT at all what we did. Alaska Tracy helped us find our vision through a very specific writing process that focused on the individual steps we need to get clear on and dig deep into in order to know exactly what we need to get our business off the ground. We are still working with her and plan to continue for a while to come. She is an exceptional business coach and guide with sincerity in wanting to see us succeed. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone (especially someone looking to find a path of clarity and vision).”

– LeighAnn Page