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Alaska Tracy's WorkshopsBelow are some of the comments Alaska Tracy has received after speaking at numerous conventions, business development workshops, and local non-profit organizations within the community:



​​​​​​”Easy to understand”

​​​​​​”A wealth of business knowledge”

Alaska Tracy has been commended for both her ability to effectively explain the many facets of social media and her flair for expertly demonstrating how such platforms can be used to dramatically grow businesses.

One conference attendee said, “I have learned more about social media listening to Alaska Tracy explain simple techniques in 45 minutes than I have in hours of classes.”

Another attendee “booked a private coaching session with Alaska Tracy immediately after hearing her speak.”

Alaska Tracy’s charisma is undeniable and her knowledge and experience in social media is extensive. If you are looking for a speaker with these attributes to present at a convention or conference, Alaska Tracy’s tailored-to-your-needs workshops could be just the fit.