WHY To Have a Biz Facebook Page

I hear and see many business owners not wanting to create a Business Facebook Page.  Why you ask, would I create yet another Social networking platform. I have all I can do to keep up with a personal profile.  It works fine for my business.
I recently asked a group of business owners their thoughts.  I got wonderful feedback.  Mostly positive about creating a seperate business page to promote their businesses.  All of them reported getting positive response and new business.

Five Pros to having a Biz Facebook Page:

Insights ~

The new Page Admin Panel creates a simple tool for showing you a tracking graph and numbers.  You can see from week to week your overall insights and TRACK, TRACK, TRACK!

Postings Insights ~

For each post you can see the reach.  Meaning the percentage of people that actually look at each individual post. Sometimes I wonder if a post is news worthy.  This actual post tracking device lets me know the REACH of each of my postings.  So, I can post what my audience actually wants to read.

Networking Business to Business ~

When you are networking as a business you are more credible to other businesses.  I have successfully Coached many businesses and teach that first and foremost you must engage with other businesses.  As a personal profile this may not get you the credibility you are looking for.  As a Business you can PROMOTE other businesses on your page which is the first step in creating a Growing Social Business Network.

Drive Traffic to your Website ~

With over 500 million Facebook users, you are able to drive business to your website via your Facebook Business Page or Pages quickly.  Search Engines are based on keywords used in your business title.

Tabs for your Page ~

Welcome tabs, Contest Tabs, Subscribe Tabs, YouTube Tabs, etc.  Lujure is a simple application for setting up your customized Tabs.
There are many more reasons to have a Business Facebook Page, however the 5 above are the most important to building Alaska Tracy’s social community and increasing my business.  Give it a try – create a business page and start engaging with businesses.  Give it three months and see what happens!