Why Are You Ignoring Them?Social Media can be tricky, however once you get the basics rules down growth is endless!

Over and over and over I see this mistake being made on Social Media.  The mistake that could grow a companies following and their life.

I share this from personal experience, watching and working with countless businesses.  It is usually the very first mistake I discuss when coaching and consulting.   When people start taking these simple actions, they are often blown away with the power they provide.


Let me explain with an example.  You enter an elevator and someone says hello, and asks you how you are.  You ignore that person.  You then go to the grocery store, and the cashier asks you a question, again, you ignore that person. Hmmmm…..how do you think the person feels?  How would or could a person function in life doing this?  They probably would not have many friends or get along in society very well.  In order to survive we must communicate and be social right?

Social Media is about being social.  Creating conversations to help each other learn, grow, connect and maybe even gain a client or two and grow a massive business and life!

Here are a few questions for you to ask yourself regarding your business using social media platforms.

When you post on your Facebook Page and someone responds to your post, do you acknowledge them?

When a business owner frequently visits your restaurant, store, or utilizes your services and always shares their experience on Social Media, do you leave their post without a reply?

Are you a TAKER?

Takers show up and take from others often forgetting the Law of Reciprocity. And if you answered YES to any of those questions, stay with me…

Other questions to ask yourself:

How often do you talk about your awesome self or business on Social Media?

Do you share information regarding other businesses or the community?

There is a wrong way and a right way (and a gray area) to go about Social Media for your biz, but I’m here to let you in on how to get the most out of it.

Here are 3 simple ways to be social, attract, and grow your business and life using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  1. Ask, “How Can I Help You?”

That person that has promoted you for years may appreciate you promoting their business.  Ask! There are so many ways to do this.  Maybe you feature them on your Facebook Business page via a post. Maybe you go a step further and ask them to come to do an interview at their office. There you do a quick live video with their logo in the background.  You do not need a film crew! Use your Smartphone (make sure you turn your phone horizontal as to not have the black lines on the post) and do a quick 1-2 minute video promoting them! Maybe you highlight a product they offer on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Remember to ‘tag’ the person or business and send them an email so they can share as well!

  1. Plan Virtual Visits

Calendar a note for yourself throughout the month to go to your biggest fans’ Social Media sites.  Like, comment, share, promote them! Retweeting is a wonderful way to do this daily on Twitter! Simply type RT then tag that person/business and share their tweet.  You can put your favorite fans in lists LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook have this feature.  This is an easy way to keep an eye on them and not get caught in all the noise of the news feeds.  The key is to let your fans know you are listening to them!

I remember years ago there was a person that liked and commented on everything I did.  They shared 10 times a day what they were doing throughout the day (we all know these people). Instead of running from them (or blocking them), I engaged from time to time with that person.  Guess what?  They have sent me thousands of dollars of referrals throughout the years.  I have even taken that person to coffee from time to time to thank them!

  1. Find Your Niche

LinkedIn is loaded with professionals and businesses. This is a fantastic platform to find your ‘tribe’.  What I mean by this is, find people that are in your industry.  Maybe they are an expert in a different area of your business or they are out of state and have a different perspective on things.  Look to share blogs from these people that can help your community learn and grow – you will be connecting and giving to your community.  This will also help you build an industry support network and many of these people will become your advocates over time.  Let go of the theory that others in your industry will steal your business.  Bottom line, if you believe in abundance, you will agree that there is plenty of business for ALL! Practice connecting and working together!

If you have shared information from someone for three months and there is no acknowledgement or reciprocation, move on and focus on a few other people.  Remember Social Media is about creating long lasting relationships.  Relationships take time and nurturing, so don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle occurs!  Be a giver, not a taker!!!! Let go of focusing solely on YOU and start focusing on others.  Watch what happens to your business and your life!!!

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