When I first thought of creating a business in 1999, I hired a business advisor to help me get the business off the ground. The first steps seemed so painful at the time. I had never owned a business and had many fears. The business advisor’s job was to see to it that I was serious about the business – that I was ‘willing to go to any length’ to make the business work, run, grow and succeed. Success was defined by paying my bills, growing a savings account, and enjoying what I was doing, both personally and business-wise.

The first and most important task was the business plan. Today, in coaching sessions with my clients, I recommend that they create a Vision Board. The reason is that Vision Boards are creative and visual, and, essentially, your business plan laid out.  I use colors, i.e. markers, colored stickies, stickers, anything to create fun and flowing visions. My Vision Board for 2016 hangs on my office wall for me to see daily.

The first step goes on the top of your vision board; it is your business’s Mission Statement. The Mission Statement creates the business’s foundation. The Mission Statement is clear and simple – only one or two sentences. Check out “12 Truly Inspiring Company Vision and Mission Statement Examples” via HubSpot. You can see by these 12 examples that their statements effectively explain what their companies do. They do not leave you scratching your head, unsure.

A good way to see if your Mission Statement is clear and concise is to ask people who are potential consumers/customers on whether they think it’s clear or not since they’re the target . Ask them if it is clear what your business does, provides, and sells, or whether it leaves them hanging or confused about what it is you are trying to accomplish. Avoid asking friends and family that are not in business (that should be self explanatory).

Here is my Mission Statement: As the result of the work I do for individuals, businesses and organizations, I am able to teach and inspire others to grow and profit via social media marketing.  I do this live and online thru coaching, consulting and workshops.

Once your mission statement is clear and concise, the next vision steps can begin.

The Vision Steps are the company’s objectives. I like to visualize a home. The home needs a strong foundation to withstand weather and age. The Mission Statement is the foundation. If the foundation is weak, the home will not stand. Once a firm foundation is in place, the steps in and out of the home will be put into place. These are the Vision Steps. They will guide the ‘right’ people in and out of the home – clients, customers, employees, contractors. If the steps are shaky, the home, or business will be shaky. The steps can be redesigned as the business (home) ages and grows. The Vision Steps can and will often change as the business grows and becomes a success. Again, the clearer you are, the more successful you will be in attracting customers and employees.

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