by Kaitlyn Affuso
by Kaitlyn Affuso

Everyone is confident in their first amendment right: freedom of speech, religion and press, but just because you’re allowed to say and publish something, doesn’t mean it’s always the best idea to do so.

With the Internet excessively progressing over time, more opportunities for self-portrayal become available for anyone and everyone to view. And it’s these new social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging sites, that have the power to exploit people in ways that can haunt them forever.

There are those pictures of the beer pong table from college, or that crazy spring break trip with a group of friends that was too much fun to not share with everyone on your Facebook friends’ list, but what about a potential future boss scrolling through those?

Some of us are victims of excessive tagging. If you’re a Facebook fiend, you know what I mean… you go to those parties and are conscious of staying of Twitter and keeping those goofy photos off of Facebook, but you’re friends are thinking nothing of that and tag you in statuses, check-in locations and pictures that are inappropriate and insignificant. Don’t be hesitant to untag yourself. Karma does exist, and those silly photos could be simply that.

Test your online presence: Google yourself. What do you find? Are you within the first few listings, with a good response whether it be school-related events, awards received, things employers would want to see? Or is embarrassing or inappropriate photos, involvement with irresponsible activity, or do you just seem to not exist at all?

Take action and alter your presence as much as possible. Delete the unused accounts you have under your name, omitting those Myspace selfies from a decade ago, or those blog posts that were just rants about silly drama.

Rather than whining about how much you have been procrastinating, or how many beers you threw back last weekend, use the tools on the Internet as a way to promote yourself positively.

Post things about class trips, or something that just blew your mind that day. Like, today, I learned that eating 20 cherries is the equivalent of one dosage of Advil. But someone just told me that, so I don’t know how true that is… speaking of, make sure you’re honest about your self-image.

People have as much respect for liars as they do for those who brag about their keg party, and what they see on your webpages are exactly what they will see you as.