FreedomBusiness goals do not have to be the only thing that goes on your Vision Board. Health, love, relationships, home, fitness, finance, play, are a few ideas for categories that come to mind when creating your Vision Board.

After years of battling an icky tummy, and turning 50 this past November, I thought I would add health as a category to my Vision Board. I have been doing Vision Boards for almost 10 years so I know they work. When putting this category on the board, I wanted to be intentional and create action steps to achieve my goal. My goal being loose a few pounds, feel better, and stop guilting myself with false information.

This is my experience in a short 26 days.

I am someone who has battled with food issues for most of my life and am loving what four weeks of creating new habits is doing for me!

Ten years ago I crashed and burned with food issues and had the opportunity to take a look at why I was doing what I was doing to my body.  Mostly getting super thin and being mean to myself and my body.  I have been able to maintain the same size for 10 years, however, over the last 5 years, I started developing tummy issues and a little tummy roll.  Oh, I would get so bloated and uncomfortable.  My goal was always to get rid of 6 to 8 pounds.  I thought I would feel better, look better, and be happier in my skin.

I tried it all.  No sugar.  No carbs.  Only carbs.  Only protein.  Only fruit, and veggies. Starving.  Binging.  Running, exercise, more exercise.  You name it! URGH! Frustrating!  Oh, and the cleanses!  I could lose 5 to 8 pounds in a week through a cleanse or the no-sugar, no-carb fads, only to quickly gain it back.

I am a bit obsessive compulsive and have been known to over drink water and over exercise hurting myself. So, finding some sort of balance… well… it has been a work in progress.

I had watched a few Netflix series over the holidays as I was cramming chocolate and cookies in and feeling less than great, and Oprah Winfrey kept popping up on the screen talking about Weight Watchers (WW) and her success.  I have watched her struggle with food over the years and about the 100th time seeing her, I thought, “what the heck… I am going to give it a go.”

So January 1st, I signed up online for WW and I use their app.  I have never followed a plan or diet until this year.  The membership level I signed up for you get a free coaching call and can sign up for a coach if you wish.  There is online support via “chat” as well as other participants to connect with to share experience, strength, and hope in WW.

The first week, I reverted to old habits and started not eating all my points.  I compete with myself that way.  I am a secret starver.  I set up my coaching call and the coach explained to me that it was not healthy to do that.  In order to learn new behaviors that will last a lifetime, I need to eat the points allocated and not lose more than 2 pounds a week. I was told this is not a fad, quick fix ‘diet’.

At week 3, I was frustrated.  I was ready to scream as I had only lost 3 pounds.  I was used to the FAST fix — 5 to 8 pounds per week.  I loved the high I got doing that.  I almost gave in and ate a whole bag of Maui potato chips!  Instead, I got on the WW “chat” and was greeted by a wonderful soul.  She understood me.  She gave me great advice, including motivation to stick with it: “You are in it for the long haul, not just the quick fix,” she told me.  She reminded me of how I felt when I did the quick fixes and would always gain the weight back or binge on chocolate by the handfuls, and then how it led back into starving and over exercising myself. She shared her experience. I am grateful to her.

I am in week 4.  I have lost 5 pounds.  I am cooking amazing, easy-to-fix meals including spaghetti and meatballs.  I love to cook and WW provides great recipes that are fast and easy!  I am eating cookies, chocolate, oodles of fruit and veggies and feeling good.

I am tracking my exercise too.  I have found by tracking my exercise, I really do move a lot!  See, I felt if I wasn’t running anymore or whatever, maybe I was being lazy.  In fact, quite the opposite!  I now take days off and don’t feel guilty because I know how much I really am moving.  I have permission to rest!  Oh… get this: Hubster has lost weight and is cooking healthy too!  He treated me to roasted brussel sprouts, which I balked at a few weeks ago, and I ended up actually LOVING them!

The difference with the sweets is I don’t crave 10 cookies or eat chocolate chips by the handfuls.  I know what I am allotted via points and often times, very surprised by how full I get. I don’t grab a handful and eat them and feel sickly after. I have one or two and because I ate well throughout the day, I am full after one or two. AMAZING! Something so simple and yet I had complicated it for years! Oh and the guild, shame and remorse. That was the worst part of over/under eating.

I don’t know how long I will continue as I only have a few more pounds (per a doctor) to go.  I do know for today, I LOVE the process and experience of WW!  I am a fan and believer and would love to thank Oprah for the kick in the pants!

Vision Boards WORK for any changes you want to create in your life. If you are interested in creating your own Vision Board and don’t know where to start, I am here to help you –

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