How many times have you heard the word Vision Board and thought,  that is so ‘woo-woo‘?

From time to time I run into small business owners that have felt ‘stuck’ in their business and I have shared the Vision Board process.  Often times they tune me out before I fully explain how it works. I have even had people say that vision boards go against their beliefs in life.

I get the impression people think that Vision Boards are cutting up pretty pictures of big fancy homes and cars and pasting them on a board.   After that, you sit back and bingo!!! The magic happens!!  All the visions become reality!  So, that would be like saying, ‘hello Universe let me tell you ALL my WANTS and NEEDS so you can give them to me’.

This has NOT been my experience.  Quite the opposite actually.  It is usually a painful, fearful experience at first.  What I mean is, I have to be in a bit of pain and fear (or LOTS of) to take the actions necessary for the change to happen.  That seems to be the way I roll…FEAR+Pain+More of both+Actions=Change and then the gifts.

The way I coach/teach vision board work, is very similar to preparing a business plan.  There are key steps involved in the process.  This process continues to work for me for 8 years later! When I say worked, I mean, taking the actions necessary for the changes to happen.

Action steps get a person (or business) from point A to point B.  As you put the visions on the board, it is helpful to ask the question, how will this vision be helpful to not only you (or your business) but to others?  So, how can your visions impact the lives of others in a positive way?

The action steps involve plain old WORK!!! Yup, down and dirty work! You must be willing to put in the sweat to get the results.  So…..sitting around looking at the Vision Board….well, that probably will not create the visions. I speak from experience! I have tried doing it – and it has not worked.  The only thing it has done is bring about more fear and pain.

The most important step is LETTING GO of the results! Letting some Poweroutside of yourself ie: God, Your Higher Power, The Universe, whatever you believe in take over.  So, give the results to this Power and know that whatever the results are, you are going to be ok.

See my video below for more about the powerful, amazing, and life changingVision Board process and steps!

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