How do you deal with a difficult situation or person?  Do you want to run? Do you say things that you think later on you should not have said? Do you want to hurt and talk badly about that person or situation….OR…do you take the high road????

Life is filled with wonderful growth opportunities.  Chances to learn, be of service to others and be filled with gratitude.

Today I get to have an ‘opportunity’ to work with a difficult individual.  My thought is the person is filled with FEAR or GREED…which by nature are really the same thing. 

I am choosing to look at the bright and positive things in my life.  The sun is out and the mountains are shining all around me.  There are many wonderful, happy souls that I can call and say hello to.  There are unfortunate souls that I can stop and help today – or pray for.  I keep a motivational folder in my documents…I will take a peek inside that folder today.  I will walk our funny dog today.  I will not get hungry or angry today. I will smile at a stranger.  I will send a card to someone. 

Life is filled with wonderful, incredible challenges that help me to be the person I want to be today.  My reactions to life today are a direct result of what I portray to the universe.

Today I am reacting in the LIGHT and LOVE of a joyful life.

How will you react in your life today?

May you have a joyful day~I am happy to help you with any social media, marketing or motivational challenges you may have today~