How can Tweeting grow your business? Here are the three things that have grown my business and countless other’s. They are simple, however take patience and time, like all good things in life!


1. Follow Back! When a person or company follows you, follow them back. Do a quick check to make sure what they are tweeting is on the ‘up and up’ and that they are not ‘spammers, then click ‘follow’.

2. Retweet information that is educational to followers and clients. Information relevant to your business and community. Make sure to give credit to the person that you are retweeting from. (example; RT @alaskatracy Three Things You Need To Know To Tweet www._______). Over time this will position you as an expert in your field. It will also grow a supportive, educational network of people in your field.

3. Join a weekly Tweet Chat. Here is a list of Tweet Chats; This is like a networking event. You will get to know people over time and they may send you a referral!

Still confused?  Contact Alaska Tracy today We are happy to help you Tweet!  Grow your business!  Grow your life! Alaska Tracy follows back! @alaskaTracy  Happy Tweeting!!!!

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