RevealedSo you have done it! You have your business license, your new logo on your fancy business cards, your website is up and running, your social media sites are set.  Now you are finally your own boss, able to come and go as you please!  You are thrilled and unsure of what to do next to create monthly income to cover all that it took to startup.

I have been exactly where you are and often times need to go back and implement the very basics — the basic tools needed to keep the funnel flowing.  These three basic tools work.  They work when scattered, floundering, successful, busy, and in between!  Continuing to take these actions will keep you moving forward.  When we are moving forward, we are growing.

1.  DataBase ~ This is such an import tool!  I learned about having a database in my very first business in 2003.  It was a mobile dog grooming business.  I used a ‘Palm Pilot,’ remember those?  I had every clients’ information (and their dogs) in my handy palm!  I wrote notes left and right and kept clients’ info updated.  This was and has proven to be key in business success.  I currently use MailChimp to keep all my clients’ emails and “drip” on them once a month with a newsletter.  ‘Drip’ was a term I picked up when selling real estate for five years — I drip, or touch base, periodically using mailings and emails of pertinent information to keep you “top-of-mind.”  A database can serve as a way to build relationships with others.  Over time people in your database start to feel like they know you personally.  People like to work with people they know.  People also like to be entertained.  You will know your information is of use if people continue to subscribe instead of opting out.  Don’t send things just to send.  Do your research first.  A database will serve you well down the road when you want to sell your business.  You will set a price and one of the selling components will be your database.

2.  Building Relationships ~ Reiterating, people like to work with or refer people to people they know,  or people they feel they know.  So how can you do this in mass numbers?  Facebook, or any social media platform is a great tool.  If you reach out to six to ten people a day, your business will grow.  Reaching out on social media, specifically by commenting on other’s posts, liking their posts, asking them questions, or simply reaching out in some way daily to six plus people will grow your business.  Reaching out does not mean asking your social media community to do something for you; it means doing for other’s without expecting anything in return.  You can also do this on the phone or face to face, however that will take more time.  Having coffee, stopping by someone’s office, or asking how you may be helpful to that person are all wonderful ways to reach out. It is important to not make requests from your social media community or to promote yourself.  This creates trust.  Time and trust equal relationships.

3.  Thank you ~ This is the simplest and, so often, most forgotten basic tool.  There are so many ways to thank someone.  I believe the most effective way is still a good old-fashioned hand written thank you in the mailbox.  You can also call, email, or post a “thank you” on their social media site!  It really is a good thing to do however you do it; say thank you and say it often!

So what are you waiting for?  Get busy adding to your business funnel!  Have fun doing it! Connecting, communicating and engaging with your ‘peeps’ and enhancing your life in more ways than just your pocket-book!