The Ripple Effect

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Ghandi

As I was getting twisted up about the state of the nation and watching all the mean, angry, fear-driven posts on social media from friends and colleagues, I had an epiphany: I can choose to be the change.

So last week, I practiced coming from a place of love… creating the Ripple Effect.

Even when I felt angry and scared, I practiced love. Granted, I am no saint and this task was not easy.

I practiced.

It all started with dropping my SUV off at the Ford dealer in town.  I have had the worst experience there the last two times, so I went into the customer service center with a big ol’ chip on my shoulder. But from somewhere deep within my soul, I remembered I was going to practice love.  Oh, how I wanted to go the opposite direction.

I was greeted by a lovely lady that seemed very tired.  I asked her a few questions, like how her experience was going while working there.  She told me she had just moved to town for that position and said it can be a high turnover and an extremely tough place to work at times.  I told her about my past experiences with Ford and, because of that, I was pushing my husband to buy Chevy or GMC.

Then I said to her, “I bet you get mean, angry, fearful people in here that are not so wonderful to work with.”  She smiled and said, “Yes, it is a different world we live in.”

I asked her how she deals with stress.  We talked.  Yup, we had an actual human conversation about people, cars, stress, and life.  We bonded. I told her about essential oils, meditation, walks and other ways to combat stress.

Because of this conversation and outreach, my experience at Ford was the best I had ever had.  This amazing customer service representative even had my car washed and detailed. I hugged her, thanked her, and am sending her a thank-you card in the mail!!! I know, amazing, huh?

Well, it happened again… the next day.  I had to call Verizon to figure out why I was blowing through data so quickly.  I used Verizon chat, so I did not actually speak to a human; however, I still know the name of the person I worked with.

Again, I was reminded that I was going to practice the ripple effect.  I asked him questions, thanked him often, and conversed.  We even spoke of being “mind readers”. (I’m not really a mind reader; however, sometimes I think I know what others are going to say, when in fact, I haven’t a clue!)

Guess what? It happened again.  The representative went above and beyond to help me!  I actually tweeted both companies thanking them for their wonderful customer service!

I am coming up on 50 years old and this concept of being nice to others is not foreign to me. Time and time again, I fall into the trap of reading negativity, talking negative, and sometimes even feeling like others and the world owe me something.

Interactions with others, with life and, more than anything, my perception of life and others seem to be much more pleasant when I am practicing coming from a place of LOVE rather than fear, anger, or negativity.

I dare you to go above and beyond today.  Practice being the ripple effect.

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