Leap of Faith

The key to living a life beyond your wildest dreams and taking your very own Leap of Faith is……….ready for the secret? PERCEPTION! Yup folks, there you have it, Perception! How I, (or you) choose to look at the world I, (or you) live in! My perception changes daily, sometimes it changes by the minute or second!

My perception is often tainted when I do not have all the facts, and so I perceive something (or someone) to be or not to be. When I perceive all things to be possible and I carry an open, willing, and honest mind, I am able to see the world as if all things are possible.

See, I have this brain that tells often lies to me. Not sure if you can relate? It tells me things like; ‘you can’t,’ ‘why are you even thinking you can,’ ‘what are you thinking,’ how would you ever be able to……….,’ ‘really, you think you are that good’….and on and on! When I am able to take the time to be still and watch my mind, not stop those voices in my head….but watch those voices, I am able to change my perception. I have found this is a practice. My life rolls smoother when I am taking the time to practice watching my mind (being still daily). I am less concerned about my perception of what other’s think of me, what the world thinks of me, or really what my brain thinks of me! I am able to trust and follow my heart.

I get to have this amazing life today where I am able to do things throughout the week like hike, grocery shop in the middle of the day, nap, clean and work in the evenings or weekends. I get to schedule fun into the days and work from my comfy home office. This has all taken time, action, more action, and the key a change in my perception.

Overcoming my negative self talk and my perception of the world around me was and is my biggest struggle and challenge. What does your Leap of Faith look like? Where do you want to be or not be?

What is your mind telling you that is stopping you from taking your Leap of Faith?