The Impact of Business Cards

Does your desk often look like this?
Does your desk often look like this?

Do you have a habit of collecting business cards? Do they sit in a pile on your desk until eventually you get tired of looking at them and toss them? You know you really should do something with them ……but what?

Here is a simple plan for you that will actually grow your database and your business.  Schedule thirty minutes, 3 times a week, to pick up the phone and contact these wonderful people that gave you their cards.  Scared? Not sure what to say?  I am going to give you the script.  The most important thing to remember is to keep the call simple and quick.

Script:  Alaska Tracy (AK T): Hi Mary, this is Alaska Tracy, Tracy Williams, is this a good time?   Mary: Hi, Tracy! Yes, I have 2 minutes!  AK T: Great! 2 minutes is perfect!  I got your business card a while back at the monthly luncheon and wanted to follow up with you to see how your business is doing?  I also would like to know your perfect client, as I am in touch with a large sphere of people and would love to refer the right people your way.  Mary: [She is thrilled and goes into detail about her business and the perfect client.]  AK T:  Great, I will keep you in mind when talking and networking with people.  I appreciate your time today and wondered if I may update you from time to time on social media / marketing tools and tips?  Mary:  Yes, sure!  AK T:  Fantastic!  I will add your name to my personal list that receives my monthly newsletter.  Thanks again Mary.  I look forward to keeping in touch.

You then add Mary to your database.  Two positive things have taken place by calling Mary. One, you have started to build a relationship with her.  See often times people assume it is ok to add someone to their database without asking permission.  We all have experienced buying something or meeting someone and then getting inundated with emails from them. When we ask permission, we gain respect.  Secondly, you now are looking for people to help Mary grow her business.  Growing relationships take time.  Helping each other is a big part of growing a trusting relationship. People work with and refer people to people they know and trust.  So if we can help someone, we can start to build trust, and in general it is really nice to be able to help others.

Social Media platforms are amazing for business growth, however a strong Database is key and the foundation to business growth.

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