A little There is so much that goes into starting and running a successful business.  I get emails all the time from folks asking for advice on how to start their own biz. I believe anyone can be a biz owner; however, one must realize ALL that is involved.

I recently heard from someone who said she wanted to do what I do and take a step back, allowing her to put in less work hours per day. I reread the email to my husband and he said, “You must be making it look too easy.”

See, the reality is hours and hours and then more hours go into the life of a biz owner. (One that is enriched and paying their bills, that is.)

I love to hike, so, some days, I try to arrange my schedule and work in the evenings. Because my evenings are not filled with any hobbies or scheduled activities, I use those hours as my creative, work time.

I have made this choice to be in biz for myself and this comes with some realities: I pay my own $5,000 deductible at $450 per month (not looking for sympathy or advice, just stating a fact), drive an older car (no need for fancy-shmancy because there’s no clients to impress, just pups), I work on vacations and weekends… but I get to have a beautiful, creative, rewarding, purposeful, amazing life!

I love to help and mentor others… I also share the realities and the musts of being a self-motivator to succeed. Being your own boss is amazing and I would not trade it for the world; however, it is not for everyone.

I am sharing this today as I am having a biz bump day. Nothing major, just a little bump in the entrepreneurial life and was inspired to share. I am blessed to live in a time when we all have so many choices!

I hope this inspires someone to pursue a new business of their dreams and desires, or find a career within a company that makes your heart sing and inspires you!