When I am willing to put action steps on paper, I continually am AMAZED at the results!  I am always amazed-as this is the 3rd business I have had the opportunity to create and watch grow and evolve.  I feel blessed beyond words!

For years and years I have wanted to help businesses, however I did not have a clear path of how to go about doing that.  So I would dabble. I would help out a friend here and there with writing a business plan or marketing ideas.  In my heart I knew helping businesses develop, grow and succeed is where my heart was.  I did not know how to start or where to go with a business.  I do know that every business has helped me to get to where I am today and that the businesses I own today will push me to the next.

I always have to be in enough FEAR to move forward!  I also have always had a mentor/coach through all my business endeavors.  So in January I was STUCK in FEAR and again I reached out to a mentor/coach to help me move FORWARD.  She gave me specific tasks.  Simplified my crazy thoughts.  Helped me outline a path.

I started putting on paper what the business would look like.  The clients I would like to attract, the money I would like to make.  ALL on paper.

It was only a week later when a twitter referral came along.  She asked me to teach Social Media at a conference this summer.  I again was asked to put in writing a syllabus for the class, resume, and price.  I (painfully) did it and sent it off.  I then got a call for a referral from another business friend.  The door has been open I am moving forward!!!

My fears are still there, however I have turned them over GOD-or as my coach says, check them in at the airport and let them travel to another country!

My advice to you this Monday, if you want to move thru your fear, put the action steps on paper and discuss them with a coach or mentor.  Then stand back and watch your dreams come true!!!

Happy Monday~  Alaska Tracy ~ ‘follow me’… here to help ALL your dreams come true!