Playing at the Dog Park

I almost missed the Miracle the other day at the Dog Park because I was SO BUSY!

Do you ever have a million things (or what seems like a million things) on your plate?  Do you ever feel so busy you do not have time to stop and chit chat?  I do.  I think when I start feeling that way and telling others just how busy I am, it is a way for me to distance myself from others.  When I am chatting about how busy I am, I feel superior to others and eventually inferior.  Not sure if you can relate or not.

I never want to be too BUSY that I miss out on what is really important in life.  I am hopeful as I share this story, you will be inspired to slow down and see a miracle today.

Eddie and I show up to the Dog Park the other day. I am thinking to myself this must be a FAST walk as I do not really even have time to be here.  We head out and see an older gentleman and his old heavy set dog.  He seems to want to walk with us.  I try hard to ‘blow’ him off.  I do a little chatter as I try to let him know that I am in a mad hurry to get our walk over with.  He tries hard to catch up to us.  I try hard to ‘get away’ from him.

As I write this, I am not proud. We stop and chat with a familiar friend and his German Shepherd that Eddie adores.  The old man and his dog catch up to us.  The younger fellow that I am chatting with starts talking to the older gentleman.  I am going to call young man Tim and older man Ron to keep it simple. Tim encourages Ron and his dog to walk with us.  Come to find out, Ron had just adopted the old dog 3 days ago.  He said his family could not understand why he would want a 10+ year old dog.  He said, I was not looking for a young spry dog.  When I saw her at the pound we just connected. He shared that he brought her home and it was as if she knew his home already.  She seemed to know the layout as if she had lived there all along.  As we were walking, the dog came to life.  It was as if she was smiling and enjoying being with all the other dogs.  Ron had never been to the dog park and was amazed with the camaraderie of the people and the dogs.  Tim said I bet she has never had the opportunity to come to a place like this.  If someone dumped her at the pound at 10 years old, I am sure they never gave her a good life. Ron was tired as was his dog, however they continued to walk and talk and smile with us.  When it was time for him to turn back, he told the dog come on we must go home now.  She looked at us, we told her, you can come back and we will be waiting to see you again.  She happily trotted up to her new partner in life, Ron.  They both looked back at us several times with happy grins.

I had tears in my eyes as I told Tim…..I was trying to not walk with him as I was TOO BUSY today to chat. I thanked Tim for stopping and talking with Ron.  I thanked him for reminding me to slow down and look for the miracle in the day. Take time to Play, Laugh and see the Miracle of the day today!