Twitter Tools To Use

One of the benefits of Twitter in my biz (and life) is this amazing connection to people all over the globe! When I speak about humanizing businesses via Social Media / Marketing, people ask me all the time- “but really, how has Twitter put money in your pocket”? I LOVE that question!

One example; I had a potential new client seek out our services, this client was rather large involving 5 businesses. I was ‘stuck’ and a bit fearful on my proposal and moving forward. One of my Twitter connections is a biz consultant on the East Coast. Because of Twitter we have built a relationship. I was able to reach out to him via the old PHONE and discuss ways to prepare the proposal. His help was invaluable, as is his continued support on Twitter that is helping to grow me my business.

Twitter has increased my data base, income, and global network. Twitter is my ‘go to’ source for finding people and information to help other’s businesses grow! I do not have to ‘know it all’, I get to know and connect to the people that know it all.

If you are unsure of #Twitter and how it can help you / your business, here is a great starting point. Dave Kerpen​ 7 simple success strategies (above). Happy Tweeting – Happy growing!!!

BTW – The client that I sent the proposal to mentioned above became a client with Alaska Tracy! My amazing consultant friend is Jeff Sheehan …You can follow him on Twitter @JeffSheehan

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