Years ago, I knew I wanted to be a business owner, however I had always thought of myself as ‘stupid.’  

When it came to academics, I struggled! I used creativity and a bubbly personality (which was often exhausting) to help me through challenging times like High School, College and Trade Schools.  When it came to learning out of a book or a class room I had all I could do to get by with a C.  Often times Ds and Fs were it for me.  I cheated and often leaned into friends and teachers that I thought could help me.   I felt ‘less than’ and hopeless.  

I was determined to go into business for myself.  I was unsure how or where to start the process.  A good friend suggested that I seek help from a Business Development Career Counselor, David Goodenough.   With a name like Goodenough,  I knew he was going to be helpful! 

Off I went to meet David at his office in Seattle, WA.  A miracle happened for me that day!  David did a few quick writing tests with me and said I probably have a learning disability, Dyslexia.  Growing up in the 70s and 80s this was not a common word, neither was learning disability.  I started crying.  

David told me of many others that share this disability including the late Albert Einstein.  I learned there are all different degrees of Dyslexia.  I could finally stop BEATING myself up and that there are people that can help me learn ‘differently.’   The CRAZY self chatter could stop! I could begin to share with others that too may struggle with a learning disability that there is Hope!  My Creative side could finally be embraced and unleashed!  I could finally stop being that EXTROVERT performer that was so exhausting.  I finally could honor who I really am!  It was a life changing experience for me!  I continued to see David for many years off and on and will forever be filled with Gratitude for the gift he gave me!

I did become a business owner owning and selling one and still the owner of the 2 other businesses.  I never sought out a school for  Dyslexia however I have thought of it and know how to find them.  I have a kind and loving partner in life that knows how my brain works and helps me tremendously.  He GOT IT one day while showing me a picture Tee shirt

I could not understand why he was showing me this…then he said ‘what do you see’….I said I Love Dyslexia!  He said look again…I could not see what it said until he showed me.  He GOT IT!  So often times I ask him to explain an article or something that I read.  Directions are often difficult – which was interesting for my employees of a Mobile Dog Grooming Business.   

I ask for help often and do not take myself so serious often which creates much laughter!