““Be still
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity”
Lao Tzu


Stillness or meditation is not about shutting our thoughts off, rather a practice of watching and quieting them.

Ten years ago I was at a meditation retreat.  The instructor had three people come up on the stage.  He whispered in each of their ears and then said “one, two, three….GO!”  The person in the middle stood still while the left and right persons shouted things in her ears; “you are not good enough”, “did you do _____”, “how come you did______”, “how are you going to get through _____”, “you are not capable of ________”, and on and on!!!  He then said to us, “does this ever happen to you when you try to meditate, your brain is loud, negative, and often tells you lies?”  He went on to teach about honoring one’s thoughts that flow into our brains and then breathing them out.  Watching them and not engaging in or with them.

We were by the ocean at the retreat and  I started practicing watching the negative head chatter come and go like waves.  Ahhhh there you are ….and …bye bye…there you go! In comes the wave, out goes the wave.

Meditation or stillness has become a life changer for me and millions of others. The benefits are endless! Meditation can connect you to something outside of yourself (God, Higher Power, Mother Nature, whatever you choose to call it) that can guide you and your life, tolerance and love for others, seeing love and miracles throughout your day, growing your business and life, and ENDLESS other benefits.

Here are three simple tips to help you get started:

1. Start with 6 minutes a day.  Yup, 6 minutes! Keep it simple! Sit upright and set your phone alarm for 6 minutes.  Focus on your breath and maybe a word; grace, love, kindness, joy.  Reading something of inspiration, religion, spirituality, something to help center you before beginning.

2. Guided meditations are helpful to you get started.  There are many wonderful teachers out there to choose from .  My favorites are Deepak Chopra’s and Tara Brach.  Both offer free downloads.  Joining an online group may be beneficial to you as well.  Nothing like accountability and sharing of one’s experiences with others!  There are many meditation groups on Facebook to be found-or start one yourself!

3.  Be gentle with yourself.  Most readings about meditation say to practice in the morning before beginning your day.  I am here to tell you that, I practice at various times of the day and have done so for 15+ years!  Bottom line, start practicing!!!  If you miss a day, start again the next day.  Don’t beat yourself up over it. The key is to begin.  Sometimes I see the results instantly, other times, I am blocked and it takes time for me to be aware of the amazing benefits added to my life by meditation.

Have you been practicing mediation for a while?  Share your experiences in the comments below! The only way to grow is to pass it on!

Enjoy your minutes of stillness today! Namaste’ ~