Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘Social Media’ venues and tools out there?  Every day there is a new update on Facebook a new Social Site.  How do you keep up with it all?  Or are you choosing not to? Are you so overwhelmed that you are ‘stuck’?
Three simple things that you can do today to move forward.  1.  Breathe…I mean exhale and really let go of breath.  Ok, now choose one Social Media Avenue (i.e.; Facebook, Twitter) that you are going to learn.  Do not allow yourself to go down another Social Media Avenue until you are actively comfortable with the one you start on today! 
2. How will you know when to move to the next Social Media site?  When you are engaging with your Social Community.  Engagement means learning about your community and what they are doing.  Asking them questions on their wall.  Getting engagement back on your wall (not just likes’).

3.  Let go of how many ‘likes’ and ‘friends’ you are getting ( I know …this is a tough one!)  Do this for one month consistently – not half hearted!  Time block your Social -engagement time and your Social FUN time.  If you actually calendar this on a calendar you will be more apt to do it!!!  There, I actually gave you 4 tips!

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