It can be daunting the amount of stimulation received daily from Social Media. As a Coach, the biggest complaint I hear is ‘I AM OVERWHELMED!!!!!’

The 2nd complaint is TIME! Business owners continually tell me, ‘I do not have the time to learn how to be effective with ‘Social Media.’  I have too many other tasks as the owner than to keep up with Social Media.”   

Secrets to Over Stimulation & TIME Management: 

  • Start with one Social Media Avenue ie; Facebook (FB).  Learn it, and build a Community that you are engaging with. 
  • Create your company Business Page and FAN Community.  Do NOT jump ship on FB until you are engaging with your community ie; getting feedback on your comments.
  • Learn another Social Avenue such as TwitterLinkedin, Pinterest, or one of the endless other Social Media Avenues out there.
  • Use an Alarm (check out Google Chrome Web Store -Alarms) and a Calendar (paper is best so you can SEE it daily).
  • Calendaring 2-3 times per day – 15-30 minute blocks to ‘Socialize’ with your community.
  • Allow fun time in the evening (or when works best for you) to read other people’s posts and just have fun being Social.
  • Hire an expert to teach you Social Media (hint;  Alaska Tracy).
  • Learn the basics and then hire a Media Expert (Beacon Media & Marketing or Bloom Brand Strategies to handle inputting your content daily).
  • Watch Businesses that are engaging with their fans and their community ~ pay attention to how they engage.
  • Keep it SIMPLE!!!!
Alaska Tracy ~ Happy to share tips for Socializing that you can use TODAY!!!