Engagement is key in growing your ‘Social Community’!  Strategy is the 2nd key.  Random postings sometimes work, however, if you are in it for the long haul have a strategy!

There are so many ‘Social’ Avenues out there, how does one decide and stay focused?  It has been my practice to pick 2 be it Facebook and Linkedin  or Twitter and Linkedin…just pick TWO  and stay focused on them.

Focusing means be consistant and have a posting plan.  As another ‘Social’ Avenue pops up or into your mind-do not divert from the TWO you are focusing on.  Do this for 90 days!  The results will astound you!

Linkedin has been growing in popularity over the last few months.  Businesses are looking for ways to better themselves and this is the ‘Social’ avenue they are using to find other businesses to help get them to their goals.  I have received 5-10 comments just in the last week asking about Alaska Tracy’s ‘Offerings’ from engaging with my community on Linkedin

Engagement, Strategy and Focus!!!  Keys to a successful ‘Social’ presence!

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