10 Simple Tips to GROW your Facebook Social Community

1.  Share Other’s Fan page content, photos, blogs, and videos 

2. Like Fan Pages from your personal profile & comment on their fan page (only liking from personal profiles increases fan page ‘likes’) 

3. When you get a new friend Connection or Fan Page Connection – thank them for connection on their newsfeed or Fan Page 

4. Create an ‘Offering’ before asking People to ‘like’ your fan page – ie: giveaway, free fan page promotion day, etc. 

5.  Have a posting ‘Strategy’ – a daily ritual 

6.  Create a calendar or timeline for posting activities thru the month/year

 7.  Post POSITIVE, upbeat, fun, exciting things 

8.  Remember ‘The Law of Reciprocity’ 

9. Review before hitting ENTER 

10.  Three to five posts per day ONLY for any social media platform