Technology SocializingIt is CALLED Social Media …..   Because it is about SOCIALIZING!!!   

  1.  On a friends Wall post things that are personal to your friends life, examples:
    • “Hello Sam, glad to see you got that  job, CONGRATS! (this would mean you would need to actually read his Timeline to see what he has been up to).
    • “Hi Sam, I noticed you are looking for a puppy, I can connect you to a rescue organization if you wish.”
    • “Hi Sam, Happy Birthday today!  Enjoy your day.”
  2. LIKE or SHARE something from a friend/biz fan page (best results for photos, save to Desktop and then UPLOAD and TAG where the photo is from-higher rankings than SHARING).
  3. PROMOTE, Promote, PROMOTE OTHERS!  People, Fan Pages!  Stop promoting your biz for 30 days and PROMOTE others! You will be amazed at the RESULTS!
  4. Engage with 3-7 Friends/Fans a DAY.  Time BLOCK 5-10 minutes each day to do this.
  5. BE REAL!  Be FUN and Don’t take yourself SO Serious!

Simple tools from Alaska Tracy’s Tool Box!  One on one Coaching available-email or call me, as I love to teach Connection, Communication and Engagement to GROW your Social Community, and your LIFE!!