I have had the opportunity to be sick over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  I say opportunity because it truly was a gift to slow down and rest which caused much reflection of life as I perceive it.

I have had a few  Ephiphanies !  I hope these will inspire you to move forward when you are down and out or having an ‘off’ day.

*  When down & out it is more crucial to reach out to other’s and ask how they may be doing (this is the hardest one for me).

* Pray, pray, pray for ‘His (or Her, The Universe, your Higher Power) Will to be done’…..NOT yours (not mine).

*Practice meditation – be still and listen to the voice deep with in….

*Think of those less fortunate.  I have two friends with Cancer and would think of a light of energy and love surrounding them.  This lead me to be filled with gratitude for my health and just having the flu (even though by day 3 I was thinking maybe I had a disease…just where my cRaZy brain goes when laying around thinking)!

*Use your brain.  Sometimes it is good to do other things than work or think about work, or think about thinking about work.  I play Rummikub on my IPhone/IPad.  The game challenges my brain but not to were it  hurts my brain (clause; be careful, addictive!).

*REST and take a break from doing all the things you think you NEED to do.  Really embrace REST.  For some reason your (my) body is telling you to rest so REST!

*Reflect on all that you have accomplished.  My Real Estate Biz year end falls (Nov. 30).  So, I reflected on the clients and situations that I got to embrace this year and the goal I had set for this business.  Last year at this time Alaska Tracy was in the process of being launched.  The  desires that I put on paper and discussed with my business Coaches (one is my hubby) have come to fruition.  Each obstacle this last year was just a stepping stone towards growth.  I am stronger and more determined than ever for 2013’s goals!!!

*Gratitude!!!  So much Gratitude!  My loving family, and my Social Media Tribe that have encouraged me to keep moving forward.  Lots of LOVE in my life!  Oh and our Live Christmas tree I just brought home tonight!  Soon it will be filled with wonderful decorations that have been in boxes for the last few years!

What are you Thankful for in your world today?  May you be filled up with Gratitude this holiday season!

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