Alaska Tracy’s strategies and implementation procedures are based on the results of extensive analysis and study of the newest social media trends.  Alaska Tracy’s team will create a plan of action for your business using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We will also work to create clever ‘out of the box’ marketing ideas that may involve collaboration with other business’ to get you more exposure.  Our end goal is to establish your company as the experts within your marketplace.

Alaska Tracy’s Team has created ‘The Secret Sauce,’ which can also be referred to as ‘the $5 Facebook Ad’.  We create between 40-80 ads per month that are designed using a third party app within Facebook.  Our team has had extensive training to bring each client the most effective results.  Among the many successes Alaska Tracy has earned using this approach, one particular example stands out. Within the time frame of only five months, Alaska Tracy’s individualized and personalized business approach amassed immense exposure for one of her clients, with more than 50,000 new people viewing the propagated business promotions. Alaska Tracy’s Team is relentless in its continued research of the client’s business; countless hours are spent ‘tweaking’ the demographics of all promotional ads so as to find the ‘sweet spot,’ or the particular formulation that garners the highest number of views and engagement.