Social Media Marketing Strategist

Alaska Tracy’s strategies and implementation procedures are based on the results of extensive analysis and study of the newest social media trends.  Alaska Tracy’s team will create a plan of action for your business using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and/or a Facebook Fan Page.

We will also work to create clever ‘out of the box’ marketing ideas that may involve collaboration with other business’ to get you more exposure.  Our end goal is to establish your company as the experts within your marketplace.

Business Coaching

Alaska Tracy wants you and your business to not only survive and grow, but to thrive!

Alaska Tracy will not only be your social media marketing strategist, but also your business partner, working toward your actualized success.

This partnership is cultivated through one-on-one coaching sessions or coaching sessions for your whole team.

Business & Marketing Consultant

As an expert in her field, Alaska Tracy will advise, explain and train you for your business’ heightened success by providing you with copious tools vital to its fruition. By thoroughly investigating what it is your business needs to thrive, her team will galvanize this heightened success through the creation of various systems and structures.

Alaska Tracy’s vast business expertise and strategic planning ingenuity is reflected in all of her endeavors and ostensibly leads to incredible business growth and expansion.