Running = Inspiration


Running thru Kincaid with Eddie


I have been a runner (jogger) for over 20 something years.  I have taken many breaks from it and have had a love/hate relationship with it.  I always miss it when I am away from it. Sometimes I think-I am done with running, however, I always go back to it.

When I started running years ago, it was to loose weight.  I had a SICK food illness.  I used running as a form of torchure to my body and myself.  I would eat and eat and eat sugary stuff and go run 10+ miles and get sick.  I did loose weight.  I was pretty sick too.

I ran my 1st marathon (26.1 miles) when I was 30 for a little gal that had Leukemia.  I joined the Leukemia Team in Training.  It was an amazing incredible event filled with unlimited support.  I had moved from Orlando, FL to Alaska and completed the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage.

Training in Alaska in January when  20 below was an eye opener.  Biggest lesson, cotton does not WICK!  The marathon itself was challenging, spiritual, rewarding and oh so painful!  I have done one more Team in Training marathon in SanDiego, which again proved to be an incredible uplifting experience. I got to raise money to help find a cure for Cancer!

Thru the years I have trained for and completed a handful of half marathons 13.1 miles.  I have gotten better with the ‘food’ issues and also the body issues.  My now 46 year old body does not respond to recovery like it used to.  I have stopped doing the 10+ training miles and focused on enjoying the run. I rarely wear a watch, rather a head set with FUN upbeat music. I can often be seen smiling, singing and dancing while running.

I run thru the woods with Eddie the dog often.  We smile and enjoy the scenery.  We chat with the few people we see on our runs.  We push ourselves up and down the big hills.  As I was chatting with myself and Eddie the other day going up an oh so big incline-I was reflecting on LIFE and all the hills in Life.  How going up the HILLS sometimes seems to take SO much time and effort.  Many times I want to cry or GIVE up…and sometimes I do.

When I push up the hill on foot and in life and get to the top, I feel empowered, ALIVE, as if I can do and BE anyone I want to be!  I feel ready for the next hill!  This is how life works for me as well.  PUSHING up the new hill, adventure, business, whatever in life can be so painful.  I have learned to reach out and ask for help during these painful periods.  To seek out others that have been challenged with a similar ‘hill’ in life.  Ask them how they did it, what they did to get up the ‘hill’ and take their advice.  I have learned that I am not unique, that somewhere someone has probably encountered a similar challenge.  It is my mission to seek them out.  They usually are thrilled to share their ‘secret’ with me.

While moving up and down the hills of life, remember you are NEVER ever ALONE.  There are people out there happy to help you get up that BIG HILL!  I love the CHALLENGE almost more than getting to the top, although I forget this along the way!

Enjoy the Hills of life today!

Alaska Tracy ~ Enriching lives via Social Media and Motivational Coaching ~