Alaska Tracy ~  Enriching lives via Social Media & Motivational Coaching

My business was created because I genuinely love to help people find their true desires in life and guide them to these desires.

Since starting a business 11 years ago, I always have had a ‘Coach’ or a business advisor helping me with business goals and decisions.  A person outside the business that can give me constructive criticism and I can be accountable to.  This, I believe has been the key to all the businesses I have owned successes.

My experience is not all people that I have hired have ‘worked’ out for me.  Meaning, I am not able to understand all coaching styles.  Some people just do not ‘fit.’  This is not a reflection on them or me, it is just we all have a unique learning ability and not everyone ‘fits’ each others styles.

I have hired Coaches and learned TONS of valuable information from them for weeks or months and then I hit a stopping point.  It was time for me to move on.  Maybe I had outgrown them or vise versa.  These experiences have not always been easy or cheap, however, they have all been VALUABLE to me and my experience as a Business/Personal Coach..

I am learning what my Coaching Style is, and what clients are a good fit for me and me for them.  Below is a list of Client Traits from Successful Clients I have had the opportunity to work with.  Success meaning, they were able to implement Coaching tools that I provided,  GROW their businesses ,and achieve the goal they started out with. 

  • Open minded and ready to be guided thru steps on growing a ‘Social Community’, starting a business, or marketing ideas and implementation.
  • Motivated to do the work needed to grow and learn. 
  • Honest an open with me and allowed me to be honest and open with them ie; ‘I am really uncomfortable with this assignment, I am not understanding you, I am doing the best I can.’
  • A mutual respect for each others time and the appointment times set each week.
  • My own opportunity to learn from each session as well as the Client. 
  • Open to sharing successes with me and with their Community. 
  • Measurable results for their business -Examples:  One client started a new business and is getting new clients.  Another Client is building their Social Media Community and engaging with them, they are getting referrals.  Another Client has captured leads to their web-site as a direct result of building a Social Community (0-282)!
  • Both the Client and myself open to give each other constructive criticism.
These are just a few ‘traits’ of Clients that work well for my Coaching Business.  What are the traits of your ‘Perfect’ Client?  Do you know?