Let Go of the Past

While reading Danielle LaPorte, ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ I was reminded how blessed I have been to hang with people that have encouraged me to LET GO of my past! It has changed my life!

However, I run into people all the time that do not carry the same tool kit.  They CLING to past mistakes or mistakes others have done.  They feel victimized.  This is a tough spot to be in.  I wonder how they can move on with their lives, their goals and desires?  It is painful to watch.  Does this feel like you?  Do you want to be FREE?

10 tools to LET GO TODAY!

  1. Breath in and exhale long and SLOWLY 3 times.
  2. Grab a sheet of paper and pen (NOT your computer!)
  3. Write this sentence:  “I am pissed off at PERSON, PLACE or THING”                  ~Think about seeing someone in the grocery store and wanting them not to see you.  Wanting to RUN!  WRITE THAT PERSON DOWN!  A Place could be somewhere you worked or lived?  Things can be cars, homes, jewelry, money THINGS that have tripped you up in the HEAD!  Do NOT WRITE a book-just a sentence about why you are PISSED OFF!
  4. Leave 4 spaces between each Person, Place or THING.
  5. In the spaces left blank, list how this affects your LIFE ie; Your Ambitions (maybe to have another relationship or as a Mom), Your Financial affairs, Your Sexual Affairs, Your Emotional Stability ~ for each of these that you list write a sentence about how you feel.
  6. On the right hand side list your PART in being PISSED over the person, place or thing…ie;  FEAR (fear that I would never get over him, fear that I will never have a kind loving parent), Selfish (I did for them, why can’t they at least do something for me?), Dishonest (you lied to them, talked behind their back, or lied to yourself).
  7. Ok….this is a CRITICAL STEP!  Take this to someone you trust.  It could be someone in your church, a spiritual advisor, a person you can trust not to share any of it.  You may not even know the person you share this with.
  8. Meditate, or pray for help LETTING ALL OF THIS GO!
  9. You may find that you need to apologize for something that you did in each instance…run it by that person you shared your PISSED OFF LIST with first to make sure it is in fact appropriate.
  10. RIP UP THE LIST or set on FIRE!!!! BE FREE!  Be free to go anywhere with your head held high and your conscious clear and clean!  Free to move forward with your heart’s desires!