Alaska Tracy Painting
Alaska Tracy Painting

I was asked to be on a committee to help put together a community Art Block Party. I said yes, and did not really know why as I have never thought of myself as an artist. I got to spend time with very creative people from my community that I had not known until volunteering.

The event took place last week. At the event, I started thinking (which can often be scary) what the heck am I doing here, I am not an artist. These people are all super talented painting, doing, creating ArT!

My husband showed up and we walked about looking at all the booths, I even picked up a paint brush and painted. I told him my thought…and he said yes you are an artist. You are always painting our home, you are writing a book and you are the last to know you are an artist.

Throughout the weekend after the event, I realized all the ‘artist’ like qualities I do have. I create fun out of the box marketing ideas for people daily. I help them to see big huge colorful visions for their companies. I LOVE to play with photos, I am a writer, I cleverly paint color in our home, I designed a garden and flowers-Yes, yes, yes, I do believe I am an artist!!!!

Art is – what one decides art is. My theory was blurred!!! We are all artists if we say we are! I had put ART / Artists in a box and given people a label. The whole event was about bringing people together to enjoy ArT! Whatever that means to each person! Inspiring each of us to find the artist within. A community came together last week for a few hours to enjoy ArT!!!

When I put people or things in boxes, it often closes me off from exciting opportunities. When I carry a heart of curiosity, free from judgement, enlightenment and abundance can enter into my life.  Often opening doors to places I may never have entered and introducing me to people that enhance my life.

I thank the International Gallery of Contemporary Art for asking me to serve on their committee and for opening my eyes to ART, my artistic abilities, and again not boxing others in!