Be A Giver

The theme I am noticing from clients and from within my own life this week seems to be the question: “How do I grow my community?”  Oh, the answers that I have for friends and clients alike are quite simple, yet often not so easy to do and do consistently.

In my experience and according to countless others who have gone before me, this one strategy works in growing a happy, joyous and prosperous lifestyle 100% of the time.

Ready? Here it is…….be a GIVER, not a taker.  How will you know when it is working? Your focus will shift and others will start to enter your mind more and more.  You will eventually attract the exact community that you are wishing for.

When we remove the focus from “what can I get out of this,” to “how can we give back to businesses, people, and the communities we live in,” we are able to attract others into our own worlds.  We are able to feel the joy and freedom that many of us have never experienced. We are able to give freely without expectations of how we think others should respond to our offerings.

Start each day by reaching out via Social Media, email, phone, or in person to 5 to 7 people. It may sound like a lot; however, think about all the places you go daily and all of the people you see on any given day. Use this simple sentence: “Hi, what a terrific day it is! What is amazing in your world (business) today?” Then be a good listener – hear what the other person has to say. Remember, you have asked that person a question; you contacted them! You are not there to blab about your own life. Really listen. Do not interject with your own take on the question. After the person has answered, if they care to ask you, then respond. The goal is to practice asking others daily about how their lives and businesses are doing and not to talk about ourselves – it is about releasing expectations!

Practice this for 7 days in a row.  Watch the miracles begin to happen.  It WORKS! I have proof! Want to know more?

*Alaska Tracy provides the essential tools for humanizing lives and businesses so that they can grow and succeed.