Give People A Choice And Build Relationships
Give People A Choice And Build Relationships

So… I guess you now know one of my pet peeves?  Yup, getting automatically added to a Facebook Group.

I think that people don’t realize all of the amazing business growth opportunities that come with asking people to join a Group first.  Are you in this category?  Well, good news! I am going to share some benefits of asking permission before assuming everyone wants to be in your Facebook Group!

Why create a Facebook Group when you already have a Facebook Business Page?  

A private group can add value to a program or special product you have. It offers exclusivity to your potential customers or clients that could become buyers of whatever offering you have.  Maybe you create a Group for a certain event and do a Facebook Live from the actual event. No matter what your Group is for, you can set it to be private or public. Private settings allows only those that are a member of the Group to watch the live event, stay updated on the event (or product/offering info.) and build up the community via the event.  So, you want to narrow the audience down and offer value by creating and adding exclusive members to a group.

Why ask permission?

Maybe the people you want to add have participated in the organization, event, or marketing group already. Never assume people want to be added to a group or even pay attention to groups they are added to

So… how can you use this to your business’/organization’s advantage by asking permission?

Here is how asking permission is of MASSIVE value!!!! It helps to build, create, and strengthen relationships!

Let’s say, I am creating a Group for an event my company is hosting in town.  I choose to ask permission to add people to the Group.  So, I create a list and call, email or Facebook message people.  I explain the objective of the Group and the benefits they will receive by being a part of it.  I also educate them a little.  I tell them where the Group is located on their Facebook Feed (FYI: left column on your newsfeed).  I show them where they can remove themselves or unfollow the Group, if they wish.  So, I am taking the time to ask, educate, and build that relationship.

People respect those that take the time to build relationships and ask permission to be added to an email list or a Group. They also respect the option to decline.  After all, don’t you want people that actually want to be involved in your Group?  Why invite those that don’t want to be there?

My experience is that many people don’t even know all of the Groups they have been added to and wonder why their newsfeed is so cluttered with things they have no interest in.  Being aware of all the Groups you are involved in and keeping track of them (maybe once a month), is a good way to “unclutter” your feed.

To do this, go to your personal newsfeed.  Scroll down on the left you will see Groups.  Click more to see all that you are added to.

Facebook Groups

If you choose to leave a group look over to the right on the Group banner.  You will have the option to ‘leave’ or ‘unfollow’.  Unfollowing keeps you in the group and eliminates you from seeing all the updates.

Group Unfollow or Leave Take the time to research if, in fact, a Group can help grow your business, organization or event before creating it.  When creating the Group, make sure to fill out the description and some basic guidelines before adding people.  Also, a banner that is in sync with the Group’s purpose is a great idea!

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