Orca Jean

We loved her…..  Orca Jean. 
She got to experience being groomed on a regular basis and being known for being one of the cleanest dogs on the block.  See, I had always wanted to own an animal business.  I created Alaska’s only Mobile Dog Grooming service, Rub-a-Dub Dog Inc.  Orca Jean came to live with us right before I sold the business.  I loved hanging with Dogs all day long!

Orca Jean had a connection to Moose.  It was amazing.  The only thing I could figure was that I have never been afraid of these massive beings. I have a respect for them, but not a fear.  We would be out walking or running and practically run into a Moose.  We never had a bad encounter.  At times we would just stop and watch the Moose close by us. Orca J would sit calmly and watch.  Never barking.  There was an instance where she walked up to one on the other side of the fence in the backyard and the moose bent down.  They were nose to nose.  One day her and I were up on a hill by our house walking.  A yearling moose was down below.  I did my usual, ‘hello, how are you’ and the moose walked right up to us.  I got a twinge of fear in me just as she was getting arms length from us and the moose ran away.  I will always be grateful for those connections Orca J, me and the moose shared.

In the late Fall of 2010 Orca J was not feeling well.  We took her to the vet for many tests.  She was 10 years old.  They could not figure out what was wrong, I knew it was something. I have never had the privilege of having children, however, I believe that I have some sort of maternal instinct and just knew something was not right with her.  They finally found out she was loaded with cancer.  They gave us a week to a month with her.  It was around Christmas time.  She made 90 days! 

A good friend of mine had talked to me for many years about an Animal Communicator friend of hers.  Leola Adams.  I am not sure if you believe in this or not.  I did not…thought it was …well…just was not convinced.  We did contact Leola to come communicate with Orca J as we were reaching for anything to help us understand what she was feeling and our feelings.  Leola is NOT a fortune teller or therapist, she is a Communicator.  The best way she could explain her gift is if someone was speaking another language that we could not understand, she could interpretate their language to us.  She told us it still mystified her that she could have this connection with animals.  She also told us that she was not always ‘right on’ and appreciated any feedback from us that indicated her connection to be valid.

We watched intently.  She communicated things to us that made total sense.  She helped us walk gracefully into the process of letting Orca J go.  I had wondered if we should get another dog while Orca J was still with us.  I asked Leola to ask her.. Orca J communicated that there was another dog that she had been in touch with that was perfect for our home and that dog would be awaiting when the time was right.  It was not a small dog.   The other dog was in the works and she advised me to be patient.  It was interesting, comforting, and so amazing to have this connection with her.  It helped us move through the process…all three of us.

I was getting ready for a business conference and Orca Jean let us know it was her time the day before I left.  It was …well…if you have said goodbye to a dog, you know.  There are no words for all those feelings.  Again, we reached out to Leola.  When we left the Vets, I came home and snuggled with her toys, and blankets….hoping for any connection to her…. her smell something.  I felt her, I could smell her.  I called Leola shortly after and told her Orca J had passed.  She told me that Orca’s soul was still very close, that she was being surrounded by warm, welcoming souls and slowly making her journey on to the next phase.  She said if you have things of hers you may be able to smell her or have a feeling that she is close by you.  By the time Bobby got home from work later that day, her smell was gone.  Crazy….and comforting…..She laughed, and danced with us for four magical years.  We felt that she was connected to Gina again.

Part III…..Eddie …next!