While running thru the woods with my current best dog friend, Eddie ~ ‘the Public Figure’, I was trying to think of a title for this Blog post.  There are NO words humanly possible to describe the love of a dog!
Magical just came to my mind.  The relationship to the current furry being, the three that have gone before him, and the many growing up have been somewhat of a ‘Spiritual Experience’ in my life.

Reno (a German Shepherd) & Cheyenne (a Golden Retriever) were 10 and 14 when they passed on to their next life.
They came into my life in my 20s.  Reno was a reflection of the scared person I was.  I carried her until she was 40lbs.  (I know…..) I created a scared German Shepherd who was very protective of me.  She also did not like Cheyenne.  Cheyenne came into Reno’s life at 6 months.  Cheyenne was a puppy.  At the time I was married to my first husband. He was a kind and gentle soul.  Very soft spoken and loving. I, on the other hand was LOUD and unsettled in my own skin ALL the time.  We moved often within Orlando, FL and eventually to Anchorage, AK.  Reno and Cheyenne were a constant loving support to me.  I depended on them so very much!  

When we decided to divorce and part ways, I was granted soul custody of both of them.  I started becoming a bit healthier and hanging with healthier people.  Reno and Cheyenne thrived on this.  We jogged TONS in Alaska!  The three of us headed out on deserted trails often.  Many people would question how safe from bears I was…I was never concerned with them by my side.
Cheyenne developed brain cancer and passed away a week before I was to marry my best friend.  It was HEART WRENCHING!  Bobby, my husband to be (and hubby now) promised to love and honor me and Reno…she was in our wedding at 11 years old!

Orca Jean

Orca Jean came into our life shortly after our marriage.  A good friend, Gina had passed away of Muscular Dystrophy and Orca was her protection.  I went to see Gina on one of the last nights of her life.  She could not speak just look into my eyes.  I told her Bobby and I would take Orca and love her.  Orca came into the room where I was holding Gina’s hand and licked both our hands.  Orca became Orca Jean and we got to be blessed with her presence. The first night she was with us, I had a dream of Gina and Cheyenne running through the mountains together.  I knew Gina would be with us thru Orca Jean.  

 Reno’s passing tore me up.  It was right around 6 months after Orca J came to us.  Reno was my 1st dog baby and had been my protector, my running partner, my confidant …my everything.  I could barely handle the day …the day it was her time.  I knew it was coming at almost 14 years old.  We were having to carry her in and outside. It was terrible.  She was pissed often.  I said good-bye to her in the best way I could weeks leading up to her death.  On the day we were to say goodbye, my husband drove around all afternoon with her.  He fed her burgers and chocolate and loved her.  I could not be with her.  I showed up at the Vet’s office. I sad outside the room they were in.  I felt her soul leave.  It was the oddest moment.  I ran into the room and she was gone.  She always chewed my things up when she was mad at me.  A few odd things happened in our home that next week.  Bobby finally said, did you pick up Reno’s ashes? I said no…he said that is why this is happening.  She is pissed.  Off he went to get them.  All was well in our world again.

I hadn’t intended this blog to be so long.  So I will make this a 2 or 3 part series. To be continued…..