…And then there was Eddie

Orca J did send him!  She had been gone two weeks and I was on the SEARCH for our next 4-legged house-mate!  Hubby said puppies did not fit our busy life style.  We both believe in Rescuing dogs and mixed breeds and I searched all the shelters in Anchorage hourly!

I thought I had convinced Bobby that Shepherd/St Bernard mix puppies would be perfect for us!  There were 8 available at the local shelter.  He said, ‘no puppies, however I will meet you there to look.’  I had an odd feeling in my stomach about a puppy.  Also, a need to ‘go look.’  

We met at 5 p.m.  We walked into a stinky, loud shelter in town (they are no longer around).  The third kennel down on the left….there he was, Eddie.  We both stopped.  He had Orca J’s head…and well…a corgi body.  Our eyes met.  He pierced into my husband’s soul.  I exclaimed…’oh no…I don’t want to love him…but I DO!!!!’  The puppies were at the far end.  I said we are really here for them.  Staring at Eddie, Bobby said ‘no were not, we are here for Eddie!’  

Due to some circumstances, Eddie was not even going to be there that day.  They decided at the last minute to put him out and see if his ‘fur-ever’ people showed.

He had been abandoned two times.  Leola (see Part II) came to meet him and told of us his abandonment issues.  He had children in his life and was hopeful we would take him around children from time to time.  His guard went down after her visit and he became comfy around us doing many silly things.  He drinks water in a musical 3 slurp rythme all the time.  He slides off the bed with his back legs straight out and stretches them out slowly getting down to the floor.  He hates mornings and has to be booted outside to do ‘business.’  

He loves to chew apart stuffed toys, however, never chews apart the one toy that Orca J loved.  How is this so?  How does a critter crawl into ones heart so quickly and allow love into their heart after being ‘dumped’ twice?  Unconditional LOVE in the finest form.

I get to continually be taught unconditional LOVE through (currently) Eddie’s eyes.  How to forgive, how to be gentle with myself which allows me to be gentle with others.  How to eat, drink water, stretch and get daily exercise, to not take myself so serious all the time, to communicate my wants and needs, and to LAUGH and PLAY often!

The gifts of allowing a DOG into my life are endless.