New biz gotcha’ overwhelmed?

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FIVE Simple Inexpensive Social Media Tips for you to DO Now ~ Tips that will save your pocket book,  your hiney and keep you moving forward.

1.  Acknowledge anyone that LIKES, follows, comments, shares, retweets, or pays any attention to you on any of your Social Media Platforms (unless they are scary, stalkers).  Reach out and engage with a ‘thank you.’  Follow them back, watch and learn from them.  Pay attention to ‘them.’  The more you acknowledge them, the more they will keep watching and acknowledging you.

2. Learn only one Social platform at a time ie; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  My experience with trying to grow more than one platform at a time;  OVERWHELMNESS’ – which leads to doing nothing, or napping.  Keep it simple and FUN!

3. DM (direct message) fans/followers and ask questions about their biz, their lives pertaining to their social shares. Example for LinkedIn;  Thank you for the connection, I see you sell insurance.  How is your business this year?  Is there anything my business can do to help you today?  I always add humanness ie; ‘Happy day from sunny Alaska!’  I get responses ALL the time and new clients.

4. This one is KEY to being successful.  Ready….are you listening to this one?????  Play!  Yup, daily play!  You became a business owner why?  I did for the flexible schedule.  I play daily! If I stop having fun, I will stop doing my business.  It will become a job. Play Daily is KEY!

5.  Network and hang with people that have skills, talents, and have walked a successful path.  Ask them questions about how they have done what they have done.  Watch and create ‘like’ habits.


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