Lost and not aloneAre you lost in your business?

Recently I was in the woods with my two fur pals Eddie and Zena. It was exceptionally green as we had had several days of rain. I had been on this trail hundreds of times, but somehow, this time, I got disoriented. I started cutting through smaller trails that sprouted off the larger, better groomed trail. Suddenly I had no clue where I was, and darn it… I heard a branch snap and sure enough there was something large in one of the bushes, possibly moving towards us. The dogs of course left me in the dust to be eaten by the bear or moose (obviously neither actually came to ate me, as I am currently typing this). I have no idea what animal it was. I eventually found the way back, only to be all of 5 minutes from where we had started, and just a little frightened and worse for wear. This got me thinking about my business.

Taking the Leap of Faith a little over 4 months ago, leaving a career making 6 figures to pursue a business that fulfills my soul and helps me to live to my highest purpose, helping others to achieve their goals in life – this has been a bit like getting lost in the woods. I have had to let go and trust, which does not mean sitting around hoping business just comes knocking on my door. (Although I have been known to do this a time or two – it does not work.) It means getting clear on my niche, having a plan, a direction, asking for help… oh and taking action. Many times I lose my focus and get disoriented. Then I reach out and ask for help. I am always delighted to be told the same thing: What is your focus? Once you are clear, your fears will fade away.

Have you ever had these disorientations in your business? Do you have a clear plan of where you would like to go? Do you know your niche? Allow me to help you to find your niche, or reach out to someone that has been lost and has found their direction and ask them how they arrived where they are today. That is what I have done, and as I bump, jump, glide, and sometimes just sit down on my butt and slide down the mountains of life, I have learned that if we ask, chances are we will find someone that has experienced exactly what we are going through and is willing to lend some advice.

Alaska Tracy ~ Alaska’s only Inspirational Social Media Consultant