Three Tips for turning your day around.

I teach and encourage MOTIVATION!  However am not always inspired and motivated.  I have gathered a ‘tool kit’ over the last 45 years for ‘Lo Mojo’ days.  The key is to pull out the tool kit and actually use a few of the tools in it!
Life is so very precious and short.  Surround yourself with upbeat, positive, supportive people.  Encourage these people to tell you the truth ie;  you are complaining a lot lately.  Life surrounded by optimistic people that see life as a celebration instead of a challenge and struggle are much easier to be around.  They are attractive and draw other attractive people to them.   They shine bright lights ~ seek these people out!  
Exercise is a wonderful lifter upper!!!  As well as a Dog!  Dogs always encourage you to stop what you are doing, put your running/walking shoes on and go PLAY!!!  Endorphins from exercise create a morphine like chemical to the brain hence the term ‘endorphin rush.’  Who would not want this kind of rush?  Exercise as gentle as walking thru the woods create a lovely break in the day and mood enhancer.
This is my favorite tool and so simple!  Pick up the phone, send an email, share someone’s Social Media Post, write a card….DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!!!  Get out of yourself!  Reach out to another human and ask them how they are doing.  Or do a ‘random act of kindness’ and do not tell anyone what you did.  This is such an easy thing to do and yet when the ‘Lo Mojo’ hits so very hard to get outside of one’s own head.
Alaska Tracy here to Coach Social Media & Inspirational tools and tricks!!!