On April 1st, I made my Authentic Announcement taking my very own leap of faith. Although real estate had been good to me, I felt my truth calling me to help the business owner or entrepreneur find his or her own Authentic truth. Even two months ago, I had no idea that this would be my path.

In the summer of 2011 I dove into the social media arena with high hopes of becoming the Alaska real estate professional best-versed in social media. What I discovered in a short three months was a desire to help businesses learn how to use social media to expand their business opportunities. I started teaching others, and Alaska Tracy was born.

I marketed the business as Social Media Expertise. In my real estate business, as well as a previous business (Rub-a-Dub Dog) that I started and sold, I had always had a business coach/mentor. This guidance has been a crucial part of my business experience.

The coach I gravitated to while making the transition from real estate to Social Media Expert was Allison Crowe. She was in the real estate industry and had left to create her own Authentic Intuitive Live and Biz Coaching business, and I was immediately drawn to her energy. We worked together all of 2012. She gently guided me on a path of enlightenment and vision work. I wrote my visions for my life down and shared them with her. Incredibly, everything I wrote down became fact. This energized me immensely and strengthened my belief in a spirit greater than myself. It intensified my belief that I must live life to achieve the highest good and fulfill my utmost potential.

November 2013 brought the beginning of my relationship with Mari Smith. Mari was offering a group coaching program, ‘the Business and Beyond Club.’ I thought, “Who better to learn from than the world’s leading Facebook marketing expert?” I must admit, I was apprehensive as I am not big on group coaching. Be wary of contempt prior to investigation.

amazing women from all over the globe

Now, I have found incredible camaraderie with amazing women from all over the globe. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet them and Mari in April at Mari’s two day social media immersion in San Diego.

A series of non-coincidences (and an accountability partner in Biz and Beyond) led me to yet another coach/intuitive business development leader in Jenna Gessay. Jenna has been an excellent support in helping me to create my mission and ‘offerings.’

After a mere two months, I am already working with a select few companies. As an Authenticity Consultant, my services provide essential guidance for you and your business. I am now able to realize my potential each day, and allowing my truth to guide me as I guide others connects the spiritual with the professional in a way that brings immense satisfaction to my business and life.

Throughout this process I have become filled with extreme gratitude for the time to create, process, and digest all that a new business has to offer. I have been practicing sitting still, writing, being comfortable in the uncomfortable, and being extremely honest with myself.

As I create my vision, and let it flow into the universe, I am blessed with amazing people. Helping them walk into their own Authentic truth is the gift that keeps on giving.