I am not sure how or why I thought I could do it all on my own.  Somewhere along the way I picked up that to ask for help was BAD, weak, somehow made me less than.  Can you relate?

As a business owner, I have learned a new set of tools.  The tough part is actually opening up the tool box and using the tools provided.  I am a slow learner, so often times I need to be knocked on the head before asking for help.

So how long do you wait before you reach out and ask for help?

As an entrepreneur you are not alone, nor do you ever have to be alone.  There is ALWAYS someone that has walked ahead of you and learned an easier simpler way to do what you are struggling with.  We all have the  choice to struggle, or to find that person that  we can ask for help.

My very first business career councilor told me to form a group of 2-3 people that knew me well and knew what my goal was.  Even though the business was not yet formed, these 3 people could help keep me on the path to business ownership.  When I got frightened or off the path, they could gently remind me of my goal and help me to get back on my path.  This was crucial as many times I wanted to run, jump, swim off my path.  These people were instrumental in my success of launching my first business.

Since that time, I continue to have a business Coach.  Currently I am in a group coaching program with people from all over the globe.  The coach of this group (called Business & Beyond) is Facebook Marketing Expert & Social Media Thought Leader, Mari Smith.


This photo is many of the women in my coaching group.  We got to meet for a conference put on by Mari in San Diego, CA last month. I can reach out to any of these people and ask for help.  We all have various degrees of expertise in many different businesses.  I feel honored to be involved with this many people and all the knowledge that is available to me.  Still, I struggle with ‘asking for help.’

Who is in your circle that you can go to when you get ‘stuck.’  Do you have a mentor? A coach?  Someone not in your immediate circle that you can run business ideas, goals, plans by?

As I look back, the times when I thought I could not afford someone to help me was the times I needed a Coach, Mentor, business advisor the most.  I have always managed to pay this person and have always felt (many times later in life) that their time was priceless.

Today what I do know is the only way for me to grow is to continue asking for help.  Are you growing today?