Interview with Author Leigh Newman  ~ Powerful Social Media Connections

I am continually amazed and inspired by the Universe. As I become clearer on my own path, people continue to appear that have moved through something I may be ‘stuck’ in. They become my teachers, my guided lights. I used to think things like this were ‘coincidence.’ Today I know it is the divine working it’s magic.

I feel blessed to have connected via Facebook and Twitter to Leigh Newman  and have had the opportunity to be invited to her book signing in Anchorage, AK.

Meeting and asking Leigh about her life and about writing was such a gift as well as meeting other authors that gave me advice that was priceless.

Leigh’s Still Points North is a memoir filled with emotion about childhood, being an adult, Alaska and oh so much more! I found it hard to put the book down!

When we become clear about our mission/vision in life, the Universe presents us with Divinity!