Perception is an odd thing.  Perception creates an illusion of what we think or feel to be real.  Sometimes I wonder if I truly grew up in the same home my brothers did, as my perception of certain situations are often totally different than their’s.

 Perception of ‘others’ can be tricky.  Often, we (I) see ‘successful’ people and wonder how do they do all that they do.  How can they be so upbeat all the time? How did they make their millions so effortlessly (or so it seems)?  Can they really be that amazing all the time?  How do they remain so calm and in control?

 The truth is, we are all human beings.  We ALL have struggles and challenges.  It is how we want the world to perceive these struggles and challenges.

 Recently, I had a breakdown.  I was dealing with a difficult real estate transaction and just broke down.  The following week I got very ill and it has lasted for several weeks. 

 Through this challenge, breakdown, struggle, illness, came vulnerability.  I cried, felt hopeless, felt scared and alone.  I wondered where I was headed career wise.  Then the action to move thru all the FEELINGS!  I am blessed to have a spiritual advisor and a Business Coach in my life.  I shared my feelings with them.  I did some inner soul seeking.  I prayed …LOTS!  I sat still and listened to my inner truth.  ‘The Truth Shall Set You FREE’!

The Truth……

 I took time to reflect on my life as a ‘seeker’.  Forever creating new business endeavors.  Listening to my inner voice and quieting the voices of those that I perceive that tell me things such as: ‘if you stick with this career choice you will make a fortune and have this amazing life, when the going gets difficult that is when people usually leave, you are so good at what you are doing, why on earth would you start something new, and all the other things that rattle thru my head’!  Again, it is only my perception, and really none of my business what others think.  I have to live with in myself…, why not listen to my heart? 

 Then the magic happened!  I showed up to teach a class to a group of business owners.  I taught from my heart.  I was vulnerable (and still sick).  The miracle happened and doors opened.  I believe that when we are right with the Universe doors open, people are placed in our lives to help us follow our hearts desires.  We get glimpses of knowing we are in the ‘right’ place. 

 Honor your challenging times. Embrace them as they are helping you to GROW into what is next.  Share them with others, and know you are not alone in your journey.  My PERCEPTION is through struggle comes FREEDOM! 

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the miracle!