Socially Gifted? 

The Tipping Point

Is your Business, your Product, your Message getting heard?  Is it being sent to the right people to create a BUZZ? A Change?

  I recently stumbled upon Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point’, while looking in Wikipedia for words to describe my mission statement.

In Gladwell’s book he states, “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.”

 The book is about change and how ideas, products, messages and services spread like viruses to create a change, a message, a product, an epidemic!  Social Media Sites are one example of an epidemic.  Gifted Social beings known to have one of 3 types of personality are responsible for the change, delivering the message, creating the BUZZ!  

 The Connectors:  people that are acquainted with people in all social circles and have an ability to connect one another.  They are extremely Social and love bringing others together.  They are enriched by making connections. 
The Mavens:  they love to pass information and knowledge onto others.  Particularly information regarding the marketplace.  They love to solve problems and have an amazing gift of communicating.  

The Salesmen:  they are gifted in persuading others to agree with them.  They are terrific negotiators and very charismatic individuals. 

Do you possess one of these traits? If not, you may find it to be a struggle getting your message, your brand or your product to your community.  Hire one of these types of personalities as an employee or contractor/marketer.  They will make your life much easier and help your business to skyrocket!

I will now be ordering Malcolm’s book to continue my INSPIRATION as inspired as a Connector!

Alaska Tracy here to INSPIRE and Coach you to your Desired Goals!!!