Lucy inspiredDo you remember being a child and dreaming huge wonderful dreams that moved your soul? Do you remember running so fast that you felt your legs were going to fly right out from underneath you? Or rolling down a hill with your body hitting every single bump in the land and having no fear or worry in the world about getting hurt as you went sailing down that hill of unknown?

Do you experience voices in your head that lie from time to time? These voices I call the stinkin’ thinkin’ voices. They say things like ‘Why would you think of doing that? You can’t make that kind of money! You will never get that amount without having to sacrifice your soul’. Your voices may tell you something different, but you get my drift . . . when did these voices come alive? When did the fear of running and dancing in public set in? And all the FEARS of life in general?

I have compiled a list of 7 things to help quiet the stinkin’ thinkin’ voices. I aim to continually practice doing these things, and I suggest you do the same. Practice, practice, practice until one day . . . maybe, just maybe, the voices will be upbeat and positive all the time.

1) Listen to the voice inside, and when you hear it telling you ‘lies’, gently tell the voice the opposite of what you are hearing. Example: ‘Why do you think you can make $10,000 a month and not be stressed to the max?’ Say the opposite out loud or to your inner self: ‘I am so excited to make $10,000 a month, after taxes. My life is filled with excitement, fun, and relaxation.’ You do not have to convince yourself when you are saying it, but the act of saying the words is important. If you say it enough, eventually you will believe what you are saying and it WILL become the truth!

2) Watch how children move through the day. Observe how they run and play fearlessly, how they take on new adventures with enthusiasm. Listen to the way they experience life. (My niece Luci in the photo did this for me today. She is taking up ballet and you can literally see the excitement in her face.)

3) Ask successful people how they manage their lives, and watch them. Most folks love to share their success stories with others. I asked Mariel Hemingway and her boyfriend Bobby Williams for an interview one day. We spoke for over an hour about their lives and how they manage to stay positive in the world. What an honor! This is a key to their happiness [fan page Running with Nature]. Don’t be afraid to engage people in conversation, the worst they can say is no.

4) Sing loudly and dance often. My hubby and I do this often. One time we were in the grocery store and he started dancing with me. I pulled away, as my head screamed ‘What will people think!’ This little old lady came up to us and said, don’t ever stop dancing.

5) Reach out to others and ask this simple question: ‘Is there anything I can do for you today’? This is often the most difficult question to ask when you’re feeling down, or ‘less than’. However, it never fails, it ALWAYS works to change the stinkin’ thinkin’!!!

6) Exercise. As a marathoner and ex extreme workout fanatic, I have learned that you do NOT have to do extreme things to create happy endorphins. A nice walk in nature does the same good things. Just move your body!

7) Lastly, feed your SOUL with goodness daily. Simple ideas: ask the Universe to guide you to your highest good, read an inspiration a day (I love ‘Time for Joy’), compliment others, eat when hungry, rest when tired, talk to someone when angry or lonely, play daily, and be gentle with negative self talk. After all, it has been with you for a long time. It just needs a gentle nudge to remind it to be nice.

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