When do you feel the ALIVE?  Where do you feel ‘RIGHT’ with the Universe?  How do you honor those moments?

ALWAYS for me, it is when I am in Nature!  Often in the woods running or playing with Eddie.  I get to live in a magical place Anchorage, Alaska.  It is a place filled with outdoor adventures!  The scenery and wildlife in this State are breathtaking and always amazing! 

 I believe nature is a gift to all of us regardless of where we live.  When I remember to take the time to admire the gifts, I am filled with gratitude!  I am filled with a connection to the Universe.  A feeling of peace and contentment.  
Years ago, I got rid of my gym membership.  I knew that this would force me outdoors more often ~ and it has.  Granted when it is 10 below and DARK it is very difficult.  This past year I joined a Yoga studio and did a 30 day Hot Yoga Challenge which helped me get thru January.  I felt a connection in Yoga as well…different however from being outdoors.  So,  I continued braving the outside, playing and breathing in the connection.  It helps having Eddie, who has many sweaters for below zero days. He is always up for the outdoors and encourages me daily!

My hope is this blog helps remind you to stop through out your day and find your CONNECTION to the Universe!  To Pause, breath it in and be filled with PEACE!!!