Bump I have found that having a mentor in life, or a coach in business, helps me to grow.  I have had many of these throughout my 11 plus years in business.  I recently connected with a mentor that has helped me throughout many of my businesses, including the first one where I created a mobile dog grooming business in Anchorage, Alaska. (It is still running around on its 3rd owner)! Through all of the ups and downs and in-betweens, she has been a role model and tremendous help when it comes to brainstorming.

The business world always amazes me, and always has since 2001 when I first started the entrepreneurial path. Visualize it. Create the path. Take the actions to achieve the goal! Oh… and work, work, work, and give, give, give to others; and then when you feel like you have nothing more to offer, GIVE MORE! Last but not least, TRUST in a Power greater than your soul that listens and loves you!

There is a power in telling another person one’s ideas, dreams and goals and helps to create accountability to what comes out of those brainstorming sessions.  The other person can help keep you on track when you hit a big speed bump and want to jump into another lane.  That person can remind you of the overall goal and dream.  They can remind you of the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve.  They can encourage and share their experiences and their successes.  Many times, we can achieve more together than alone.

In all my businesses, I have had days where I imagined jumping the entrepreneurial path and finding a job.  I have always taken the time to run my job ideas by a third party (person).  Luckily, they have helped remind me to listen to my heart and not my head and that the space I may be in will soon pass, and I will be reminded of why I chose the path of being my own boss.

Alaska Tracy has focus that is going to move mountains… well, maybe just help to change LIVES; no mountains moving today!

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